Lean Back, Stretch Out, Wiggle Your Toes

With its handcrafted maplewood design and tight, clean build, the Trippy Chair practically begs you to hit the coast. It’s easy—just set up in 4 seconds and lean back into the perfect recline. The higher-than-average seat lets you stretch your legs comfily, while the minimalist construction holds up against rogue waves, strong winds, and psycho sharks. And when the sun sets, just give the base a quick swipe for a sand-free return to your car!

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“Lots of great moments in this seat. It’s perfect for catching a sunset. So easy to carry. Best seat on the beach!”AARON K.

“I loved how simple and eloquent the chair looked. It looks like a piece of art. I just love the chair.”CARY D.

“It's easy to carry (only 8 lbs), easy to collapse, and everyone will want to sit in it! Really, a guy offered to buy while he watched us fold it up.”HAYLEY M.