How We Build the Trippy Chair

How We Build the Trippy Chair

Every sunrise, concert, campfire, and stargazing trip should feel just right. That's why we put a lot into making the Trippy Adventure Chair a premium outdoor chair experience. Fun fact—we build every chair ourselves, right here in our lab in Fort Worth, Texas. By working locally, we get to ensure that every chair meets our high standards.

So what goes into making a Trippy Chair?

Another bright day at the round-off roundup

Right off the bat, we sort and select all our wood by hand. Next, we press seven sheets of America's finest sugar maple in custom molds that form the chair back and seat, perfectly balancing strength, durability and comfort. Once the wood is cut into individual pieces, we sand and round every corner and surface by hand, so no imperfection gets missed. Then it’s time to give each chair its beautiful, durable shine with several layers of clear lacquer.

It's standing room only for these gorgeously finished sticks

After all the pressing, treating and finishing, it’s time to fasten on our patented aluminum bracket. What’s so special about the bracket? It’s what gives this chair our unique Trippy twist. Every bracket adds a splash of color and a literal half-ton of strength. The bracket and seat are also outfitted with a magnetic latching system so you can stow and go with your adventure chair.

Every bracket gets a unique set of screws; these blues ones stun with Stone Gray

With the bracket in place, we run a gamut of performance tests on each chair before packing and shipping.

    1. The Drop Test
      We make sure that when the seat is slid into the bracket, the magnets come into play and lock the seat in place. You know it’s good when you can hear the magic “plunk” sound.
    2. The Heft Test
      We lift and swing the chair in stow mode to check that every part fits snugly and holds sturdy. You’re taking this chair places; we want to make sure it gets there in one piece.
    3. The Pop Test
      You’ve put the chair away, but what about taking it out again? This test makes sure each seat pops right out, so you can set up your chair with ease.

From raw materials to finished product, we spend 7 to 10 days handcrafting each Trippy Chair to perfection. With over a thousand chairs and prototypes built, we're beyond stoked for you to experience them for yourself. Our Chief Product Officer, Dony Dawson, says it best: “The most rewarding part of the process is seeing the surprise and excitement of somebody trying the chair for the first time.”

We love making beautiful things, and we're pumped to see the things we make out in the wild, helping you have a rad time. These chairs are adventure-ready; get yours today!

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