It was the summer of 2021, and we were sick of the indoors. So the instant the lockdowns loosened, we grabbed our bikes, paddles, and bags, and hit the road. From the dunes of Oregon to the soaring San Juans and the open skies of Utah and Montana, we finally felt again what it was like to be far out with people we loved.

The fresh air got to our heads. At a lab in north Texas, we got together and plastered three walls of a conference room with product ideas with a singular goal: help people get right outside. The standout? A radically portable outdoor chair, inspired by ancient concepts from Scandinavia and Africa. In 3 months, we built prototypes and an entire production floor. On January 27th, 2022, we launched.

pillars pillars
1. Make far out stuff

It starts with creation. We draw up plans, design models, carve prototypes, run tests. Everything we make is a chance to prove how much we care about getting right outside—so we’re determined to get it right while it’s still inside.

2. Create far out experiences

This is where you come in. You take what we build for you and get right outside! Out there, you’ll see opportunities for far out moments - the kind that rock your world by bringing you more fully into your world. And with what we build, you’ll be ready to seize those moments.

3. Celebrate far out people

But getting right outside is about more than good vibes; it’s also about actively creating more beautiful things. You, and the far out things you’ll build, help make the outside a rad place to be. We’re inspired by your creativity, so we’ll celebrate you and empower you to keep going.

We make awesome chairs.

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