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Why are y'all called Trippy?

Because we're chock full of psychoactive substances. JK, the name came up naturally when we (and thousands after us) tried the chair for the first time. You think it'll be stiff, but it's shockingly relaxing. It looks flimsy, but then it holds half a ton. The design doesn't look portable, until you pack it flat in two seconds. It kinda blows your mind. And consistently blowing minds is a rad way to be.

Are these chairs comfortable?

Ask anyone who's sat in one; they're consistently surprised! We started building Trippy chairs precisely because they were so shockingly comfortable. The perfect recline, the fine-tuned seat height, the freedom from sidewalls or body-swallowing polyester—it's like ancient designers knew what they were up to. Just ask these folks:

Where do you use a Trippy Chair?

That's the trippy thing - they're classy enough for the indoors and rad enough for the outdoors. Set yours up on the patio for some barbecue; when the party moves inside, so does the chair! Or you can toss it in the trunk and hit the beach, lake, tailgate, music get the idea. Always cool, always comfy, anywhere.

How much weight will my chair support?

Every chair, regardless of size, will safely support 500 lbs. But that's legal speak. If we're talking straight here, we've stacked 1000 lbs on a chair on 3 different occasions. It's incredibly tough, as you can see in this video here.

What's the difference between the sizes?

Trippy Chairs currently run in 3 sizes: High Back, Mid Back, or Short Back (or Dreamer, Tripster, Lil Trip, if you're checking out our bare chairs). A High Back's perfect for head-resting and cloud-watching; it's also the perfect art canvas. Mid Backs are a little shorter and lighter, so they're better for more adventurous use. And Short Backs...well, we made them for kids, but then all the adults started trying them out and loving them, too (like this guy).

What’s the best way to assemble the chair?

It’s simple! With the stored chair on the ground:
1.Pop It- Pull the seat up and out of the bracket.
2.Drop It- Set the seat down vertically, like a walking stick.
3.Twist It- Turn the seat and board to face one another.
4.Lock It- Lift the seat and insert it into the board.
To disassemble the chair, may we recommend:
1.Pull It- Pull the seat back out of the board.
2.Drop It- Without picking up the board, lift the seat and drop it into the bracket (you’ll hear a satisfying magnetic “plunk!”)
3.Walk It- Snatch a handle and start walking!

How do I care for my chair?

Each Trippy Chair is crafted with premium maple and sapele wood, water-resistant coatings, and UV-resistant inks (for printed chairs). They’re perfect for a classy, relaxing sit, whether indoors or outdoors.
But like any high-quality wooden good, you’ll get the most life out of your Trippy Chair by storing it indoors, keeping it clean and dry when not in use, and treating it with care.
To clean your chair, wipe with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water, then dry with a cloth. No need for abrasive sponges or chemicals (like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or detergent.)
Avoid prolonged exposure to sun, rain, chemicals, or sharks.

Where are your chairs manufactured?

We're out here, building chairs every weekday, in a mid-size warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas! The raw wood shows up at our door (thanks, wood genies) and we take it all from there.

How do the chairs ship?

We ship all Trippy chairs directly to your door from our workshop in Fort Worth, TX. They're packed flat in gorgeously illustrated boxes.

Can I add a gift note?

Sure can! There's a lil' text box at checkout where you can add your notes. When your amigo gets their chair, they'll see your note front and center.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

You can return any undamaged chair for free within 30 days of purchase. Head over to to easily print a label and find a return location. If there’s something else we can help with, just shoot us an email at!

What else is Trippy going to make?

We’re busy designing and building a variety of rad products, including more sizes and accessories for our chairs. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about our launches!

How can I contact customer service?

Yay, interaction with fellow humans! You can send us a message at or slide in our DMs @trippyoutdoor to let us know what’s on your mind.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are all about acceptance. You can use Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, PayPal, or a good old fashioned credit card. Also, what's with those names? Were all the tech giants just copying each other's homework?

Will you be my friend?

Oh, heck yeah, friends are rad. If you leave us a review or give us a follow on social, that'll go far. Set us up with some donuts, and that'll go farther. Or just, you know, buy a chair.