Gifting Made Easy

Gifting Made Easy

Gifting can be complex. On one hand, you can get anyone a Starbucks gift card with a nicely written card and that can be considered a solid gift. On the other hand, you have situations where a gift card isn’t going to cut it. You need to give something that's thoughtful, that the receiver would enjoy, and that's in the price range that says “I put effort into this gift for you.”

Whether it’s you have to get your mother in law a gift for Christmas, it’s Father’s Day and your dad already has anything he’d want, or it’s your best friend's wedding and their registry seems too mundane. Finding the “perfect” gift can be a struggle.

But we've got a solution. And by “we”, we aren’t just referring to our Trippy Outdoor employees, but actual customers who have given us feedback on our chairs.

“Great gift given! Greater gift received.” - Mark

"We purchased one for our son’s graduation. He and his roommates are loving it!" - KC

"While relaxing on the first set of Tripsters we had purchased, we came across this idea of getting two more chairs for the kids and making sure we cherish the next few years spending the most quality time around them." - Aaron

So if you’re looking for a unique, practical, thoughtful, and high quality gift, Trippy chairs tick every box. Here's why:

1. Uniqueness

The hardest part of gifting can be finding something that the receiver doesn’t already have AND something they would want. With Father’s Day approaching, we know you’re eyeing some ties for the old man, some high-end socks, or some new power tools. Don’t do it. You know he already has a drawer full of socks, and if he really wanted a new tie he would just buy it himself. Trippy chairs are unlike something your dad has probably ever been gifted. Though they're based on ancient concepts, our modern design is new, and our patented bracket makes it so anyone can sit on it (remember, it supports up to 1,000 lbs!) It’s a conversation starter object that your dad will take with him to your kids soccer game, or to a BBQ, or just lounge in while he drinks his morning coffee on the deck.

2. Quality

Finding a quality gift is a game changer. You don’t want to gift your best friend something on their wedding day without knowing how it’ll play out with wear and tear. Gifts that can break easily aren’t a good look for the gift giver. You can gift easy knowing that Trippy chairs are made from the highest quality maple wood, and handcrafted in our Texas warehouse to ensure the chair is sturdy, strong, and going to last.

3. Price Point

Though the thought really is all that matters, depending on who you’re gifting to, the price of your gift is almost as important as the gift itself. Getting your mother in law a $15 chair from Walmart doesn’t exactly scream, “thank you for raising my partner, you wonderful woman!” The price of a Trippy chair is in the perfect sweet spot of knowing you’re buying them something of quality, and lets the receiver know that you put thought, time, and resources into thinking of them. Bonus: You can get $10 off your first Trippy purchase if you sign up to get text and email notifications!

Don’t make the mistake of stressing over the perfect gift, because we got you covered here at Trippy. Since the chair is so versatile and such a high quality product, anyone (really, anyone!) can use and enjoy this chair making it the perfect gift.

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