How to Summer: A Quick Review Session

How to Summer: A Quick Review Session

In every state of the USA, summer gets its official kickoff on Memorial Day. Whether you’re in the humid south, or the dry north, families and friends get together to celebrate the good vibes ahead. At Trippy Outdoor, we’re opening our arms wide for the weekend ahead and can’t wait to see the creative ways everyone decides to celebrate. Though the options are endless, we’re giving you five ways you can kick off your summer this Memorial Day weekend:

Grill It Up

What’s a better welcome to summer than the smell of burgers cooking on the BBQ and the sound of distance chatter and laughter among friends? Send out a text to your closest friends or family and organize a chill BBQ in your backyard or even at a local park. Make it a pot luck so you don’t get overwhelmed with preparations, and bring a couple of Trippy Adventure Chairs for people to sit in comfort and style.


Go for a Swim

If you’re in the Southern heat this weekend, no doubt this is already on your to-do list. Check out your neighborhood pool, or hit up a waterpark and make the most of the heat filled day. Are you in a less toasty part of the country? Go swimming anyway! Find a lake, or go to an indoor pool and rock that swimsuit that’s been shoved in the back of your dresser. Grab a couple of cold ones, bring your Trippy Adventure Chair(s), and make the afternoon a hit for people of all ages.

Honor the Fallen

Memorial Day weekend, though a perfect way to welcome the summer season, is also a time where our nation comes together to honor the men and women who gave their lives in service of our country. Pay respect by visiting gravesites of loved ones, visiting the site of a battlefield, or visit a monument or memorial site. If you can, take your Trippy Adventure Chair with you and sit and ponder the brave people who gave their lives for our country.


Go on a Hike, Walk, or Bike Ride

Take in the fresh air and find a trail near you to discover. Whether it’s a National Park hike, or just a new trail near your home, go outside and discover nature around you. Don’t forget to throw your Trippy Adventure Chair in the back of your car so you have the option to just sit and relax at any destination.

Watch a Movie Outside

Gather friends and family, set up an outdoor movie screen (it’s easier than you think!) and pick out a classic movie. If you really want it to be a night people will never forget, start the night off with s’mores and a fire and have endless amounts of popcorn and soda for people to consume. Bring out your Trippy Adventure Chairs for maximum movie comfort, and tons of blankets and pillows for the kiddos.

No matter what activities you go with, just make sure to take in the good vibes of hopefully a great summer ahead. Put on that sunscreen, stay hydrated, take out your Trippy Adventure Chairs, and enjoy the world around you!

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