If You Give a Kid an Adventure Chair

If You Give a Kid an Adventure Chair

With the kids’ school year in its final stretch, there’s no more hiding that summer is on its way and we are here for it! We can already see the Otter Pop-colored tongues and watermelon-stained white t-shirts. We can smell the BBQ’s in friends’ backyards and chlorine from the community swimming pools. Life is GOOD.

As a kid, summer time is everything. It’s where imagination and independence mix perfectly. To them, each day for them is a new opportunity to create the best day of their lives, and their emotions reflect that.

As parents, these days can be exhausting but also so rewarding. The flashbacks of our own summer days and grass stained knees make us want to help our kids seize every joyful moment before the next school year begins.

At Trippy Outdoor, we get psyched about helping everyone get right outside and make life a trip. We’d already designed two radically comfortable and easily portable chairs for adults—the Tripster and the Dreamer. But we looked at our own kids and knew we wanted to get them in on the summer action, too. So we hit the shop and made prototype after prototype, perfecting the size, handle placement, and curvature to fit our little humans perfectly. After months of design and testing, the Lil Trip was born! 

The Lil Trip is everything we know and love about our other Trippy Adventure Chairs, but reduced in size and optimized to work perfectly, practically, and playfully for all kids. The mechanics of putting the chair together and taking it apart gives each child pride, knowing they have the ability to create moments on their own. The chair gives them room for exploration, mobility, and growth in a safe and practical way, all while still looking good in the backyard, at the beach, or at their siblings' soccer game.

Really, the Lil Trip is everything we envisioned as kids for our summer: unique, creative, fun, and reliable. 

It’s an opening for kids to be independent and explore creativity. The Lil Trip is a canvas for their first Picasso, or to finally nail spelling their name. It’s an invitation for tea parties with dad, or learning how to bake banana bread muffins with mom. It’s the throne for a cardboard fortress, or the perfect perch for roasting marshmallows by the fire.

This summer, get your kids the gift of possibility. Let them try out the Lil Trip for themselves! 

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