The Best Seats at the Festival

The Best Seats at the Festival

Main Street, Fort Worth, April 2022. After two years, springtime was finally back. The subwoofers were woofing, the grills were sizzling, and people were taking to the streets to see what America’s fine artists had dreamed up in the past two years.

And then they looked for a place to sit, because Texas is hot and walking’s a chore. That’s where the Trippy Outdoor team came in, with rows and rows of handcrafted chairs.

We met thousands of y’all at the Main Street Arts Festival; here are just a few of our favorite moments:

People signing Trippy chairs at a festival

We set out four chairs for passersby to sign and decorate...and quickly had to add six more, because everybody and their dog wanted to mark up a Trippy chair. You can actually enter to win a pair here:

An artist sits in a Trippy chair

We’ve planned from the start to make work that supports local creatives. And sometimes, the best way to support an artist is to set ‘em up with them a better chair! Check out our man Tom Radca, happily rescued from a 4-foot-tall, backless iron stool. May your pottery wheels spin forever, man. (You can find his work here:


There’s something to be said for leaning back on comfy chairs with people you like. That something is, “It’s great, and everyone ought to do it more often.” For real, though - the people of Fort Worth really love Trippy chairs. We’re just jazzed that we got to make the introduction.

All the best to you, Fort Worth. Let’s not wait two years for the next round!

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