Trippy Joins PPAI

Trippy Joins PPAI

You joined the PP-what? Yeah, you might be wondering what I'm talking about. PPAI stands for the Promotional Products Association International. It's the largest community of distributors and suppliers to the promotional goods industry.

But why did you join?

Once we started advertising custom prints, we had businesses asking if we could create something unique for them. 

It turns out a Trippy chair can be the perfect piece for:

- Employee or Customer Gifts

- Sales Incentives

- Fundraisers (Youth Sports, Non-Profits)

- Event Marketing

- Retail Displays

- Hospitality (Hotels, Bars, Etc.)

So anyway, now we've got a handful of really happy customers. We've joined PPAI so more people can find us and become happy customers themselves. If you happen to be in the promotional industry, or if you work for business that could use some incredibly cool branded chairs, let us know!

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