Trippy's 2022 in Review

You’re part of something really special. As you might already know, Trippy’s only been around for about a year now. The first chairs shipped in January, and printed chairs didn’t ship until September. We’re pretty new to this. But we haven’t been alone. We’ve had you.
Think about how you got here. You saw a funky-looking wooden seat, and you got curious. Maybe you even took the leap and ordered a chair or two. If you did—seriously, we love you, and we hope you can feel that love in your chair. 
As I look back on 2022, a few of my highlights come to mind:
- Crisscrossing the country from California, to Florida, with stops in Colorado and all over our home state of Texas. 
- Launching our first ever artist collaboration with incredible new friends
- Selling chairs into every state except for West Virginia! If you know someone over there let us know...
It takes so many people, taking so many leaps, to help a new company grow. After a year of hard work, we’re super proud of what Trippy’s become. We’re thrilled about where it’s going in the coming years. And we’re infinitely grateful, because we couldn’t have done any of it without you—our customers, our fans, our fellow Tripsters.
It’s been a far-out year. Next year, let’s go even farther.