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Regular price Sale price Price $158.00 Unit price  per 

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hang-loose Comfortable, sturdy, lightweight, and mobile
time Can be set up or stored in 4 seconds
texas Handcrafted and shipped directly from our workshop in Texas


We’re throwing it back to 8th century chair designs with the Tripster. You’re looking at 8 lbs of rad that supports up to 1000 lbs of adventure. Handles make it easy to bring along to catch the surf, climb the crag, or simply gaze up at the stars around a campfire. Even if all the smoke blows your way, you'll still have the best seat in camp.


Weighs: 8 lbs
Capacity: Up to 1000 lbs
Stored: 34"x11"x4"
Assembled: 28"x11"x26"
Seat Depth: 11"


For starters, store your chair when you’re not using it. A little dirt builds character, but if a lot builds up, don’t use abrasive sponges or chemicals (like ethyl alcohol, bleach, ammonia, detergent etc.) to clean your chair. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth and warm water. For tough stains, use products rated for glossy lacquered surfaces. Always dry immediately with a cloth; we don’t recommend air drying.

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We guarantee our chairs for life! If you break one of our chairs, you've got a good story to tell. We'll replace it for you at no cost so you can get back out there and enjoy.

Why the tripster

Made to Go Far Out

The Tripster is built for adventure. It’s designed to be with you every step of the way, without holding you back. Its easy board-and-paddle assembly is great for grabbing a quick seat or getting back on the trail.

Uniquely You

Choose from unique colors that rep you. Deck out your Tripster with stickers that shout your name. Make the Tripster yours.

Rad All-Around

The Tripster is perfect anywhere. Low-key hangout in the back? It’s there. Catching the first sunrise of the year on top of the highest peaks? Right there with you.The Tripster makes life a trip.

Trippy Truck

So Simple, So Sick

Intentionally minimal, with a design inspired by ancient modular chairs.

Tripster in beach
Tripster Olive Green

Maple and Metal

We handcraft the board and seat from lightweight but sturdy 7-ply maple. Our patented aluminum bracket adds a burst of color and 1000 lbs of load-bearing power.

4 Second Setup

When you're not relaxing on the Tripster, drop the seat into the bracket and it'll snap magnetically into place. With the Tripster stored, you can snatch a handle and set out on any rad adventure.

Tripster in River