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hang-loose Radically comfortable, beautifully built
weight Supports up to 1000 lbs
time Sets up or stows in 4 seconds
texas Handcrafted and shipped directly from Texas
returns Free returns within 30 days
Here's a seat on the wild side—a lightweight & portable twist on an ancient chair concept, handcrafted with love in the USA. Inspired by the best of outdoor culture, the Tripster is designed to support and relax you, without sacrificing an inch of "Whoa, that's cool!" Plus, its trimmed-down form factor lets you bounce from patio to lakeside to bonfire and back without breaking a sweat. For every far out moment with your favorite outsiders, the Tripster's got your back.
Capacity Up to 1000 lbs
Height 34"
Weight 8 lbs
Width 11"
Depth when stored 4"
Seat Depth 11"

This chair is built with premium natural materials, which will change color and develop character over time. But if you store it somewhere shady and dry when not using it, your Trippy Chair will stay smooth and comfy for years to come. If it picks up dirt or sand, simply wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water. Skip over abrasives sponges or chemicals, and always dry with a cloth.

Not dishwasher safe, sharkproof, gamma ray-resistant, or recommended as bear repellent.

Pairs Well With


Built to Go Far Out

The Tripster is designed to be with you on every step of your adventures, without holding you back. Its easy board-and-paddle assembly is great for grabbing a quick seat or getting back on the trail.

Uniquely You

Choose from unique colors that rep you. Deck out your Tripster with stickers that shout your name. Make the Tripster yours.

Dream Anywhere

From this seating angle, the outside’s your oyster. You could catch a meteor shower, stretch out at the surf, or just turn up some jams and sit loose. With the Dreamer at your back, there’s no moment you can’t make last.


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So Simple, So Sick

Outdoorsfolk throughout history have carved this modular design with its signature X shape. We just cranked it up to 11 with modern craftsmanship and a radical color palette.

Maple & Metal

The Tripster is built with American sugar maple, which gets its strength from long winters in marshland. When we layer and mold it under immense pressure, it becomes incredibly durable, yet retains a comfy curvature and flex. Once paired with our die-cast aluminum bracket, with its snappy magnetic array, there’s nowhere too far out for the Trippy Chair.

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Far Out Comfort

The custom-pressed back, the perfected reclining angle, and the open design give your Trippy chair a shockingly relaxing fit and feel.