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Wood Vibrations

Wood Vibrations

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What will it look like?
  • Radical Comfort
  • Premium Hardwood Design
  • 500+ lb capacity

Our tribute to the glory days of woodie wagons and equally woody surfboards. Sit out in style wherever the sun shines brightest, from your backyard to the beaches of Honolulu

Why It's Trippy

  • Subtly curved for a relaxing sit
  • Supports up to 500 lbs
  • Sets up or stows in 3 seconds
  • Handcrafted and shipped directly from Texas
  • Free returns within 30 days

Dimensions & Specs

Capacity Up to 500 lbs

45" (High Back)
34" (Mid Back)
23" (Short Back)


10 lbs (High Back)
8 lbs (Mid Back)
5.5 lbs (Short Back)

Width 11"
Depth when stored 4"
Seat Depth 11"

Care & Cleaning

Each Trippy Chair is crafted with premium maple and sapele wood, water-resistant coatings, and UV-resistant inks (for printed chairs). They’re perfect for a classy, relaxing sit, whether indoors or outdoors.

But like any high-quality wooden good, you’ll get the most life out of your Trippy Chair by storing it indoors, keeping it clean and dry when not in use, and treating it with care.

To clean your chair, wipe with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water, then dry with a cloth. No need for abrasive sponges or chemicals (like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or detergent.)

Avoid prolonged exposure to sun, rain, chemicals, or sharks.

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Behind the Design

“So, I’m thinking everybody has an ocean. Like, one that goes across the USA. And, like, everybody’d be surfing. Like California. You know, they’re wearing baggies and huarache sandals and they’ve got super bushy hairdos―blonde, brown, black, whatever. And they’re surfing *everywhere*. Del Mar, Ventura County, Santa Cruz, sure, but also Manhattan, and also Australia, because it would also be part of the USA. So, like, everybody’s surfing. In the USA. Whaddaya think about that?”

“I think you’ve been sitting on that Trippy Chair too long.”

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